Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Testing...Testing...Is this thing on....??

I have to say one of the best things about having an insatiable Nympho wife is the Toys ! We have quite a collection and its always growing due to the fact that she runs an online adult toy shop, which I always include a link for. We have to make sure we do LOTS of quality control on these items so we are always getting new things to try out for the shop. Lets face it guys thanks to biology we can only go so long (although I find some of the desensitizing creams help me last much, much longer) but once we cum, which we are often eager to do, we enter whats called the Refractory Period. Which means we are down for a period of time while we recharge the sexual batteries. Women however are blessed with no, nada, zero Refractory Period which means they can have multiple orgasms and just keep going..and going and going...which I must admit makes me a bit  That is where a good toy comes in, lets face it guys just because you hit your mark does not mean she is ready to stop. Grab a toy and use it with her and she can keep having orgasms until your member is ready for service again.  I find my current favorite to use with the Mrs are the glass toys. The glass has very low drag so when the man is doing the driving he can worry a lot less about causing irritation and friction Issues. I find the ones with a curve for the G-spot are a favorite of my loving wife and once I find the right spot and motion she will come over and over again...hardly catching her breath between wonderful orgasm after orgasm. Glass Dildos are not the only toys we get to play with or test out we try all kinds of things from BDSM goodies (currently testing some new bed restraints) as well as ball gags and blindfolds, whips and paddles and some nice butt plugs as well. 

So Guys don't feel like your Girls toys are a threat or a replacement for you. Use them together and   you will have better sex that ever before. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stranger Danger

In bedroom play sometimes the fantasy of a stranger can be quite exciting. My wife loves when we have "stranger danger" night. Sometimes she will wear some older lingerie or underthings and go to bed ahead of me..I will wait a bit and slip into the room as if I'm an intruder. I might cover my face with a mask to add some realism to this play and as she sleeps I will clamp my hand firmly over her mouth and hold her down. I might whisper that I have been watching her and I know what she does in bed alone at night and that everyone thinks she is a good girl but I know better. I tell her that I'm going to show her what a dirty little slut she really is. Of course she resists me and struggles  to get "away" from this strange intruder but I'm just too strong, the harder she fights me the more force I use to subdue her. I bind her wrists and ankles to the bed (we keep some cuffs ready tied to the four posts just for this purpose) and once she is firmly bound spread eagle and writhing to get away from this intruder, who will do who knows what to her against her will, the fun begins.  I first have to take some of the fight out of her so I gag her with a good solid ball gag and tell her that now no one can hear her call for help. Then I tell her that she is mine and I'm going to use her anyway I want. She tries to protest though the gag..her muffled cries of "please don't...Please stop" have no effect on me..she watches as I take the large kitchen knife and cut her undergarments off, or perhaps I just tear them if I am able, laying her bare and exposed on the bed at the mercy of this stranger. She struggles harder against her bonds in a frantic effort to keep from being sullied by this man, this stranger. She fights hard against the things she sees in his eyes..the awful things he has planned for her. I lean over and tell her she is going to get it now and I grab a blindfold from the nightstand drawer, as I do I let her see that I know where she keeps her collection of naughty toys. Now she is blindfolded and gagged, spread naked on the bed for this stranger to do what he wants. She still struggles against her bonds and I grab a paddle and whip, using each in turn on her until she knows that its useless to resist me, whipping her thighs and nipples each lash leaving the red stinging marks that will make her understand she is helpless to stop me. She can't see what is coming next because of the blindfold and I tell her I will take the gag off if she will promise to be a "good girl" she nods her head and I remove it..she whispers "why are you doing this...oh please don't.." still unable to see because of the blindfold. Then she feels my hands on her, rough and forceful grabbing what I want, touching where I want, as she lays helpless. Soon she struggles less and starts to give in to my touch as I feel her getting more and more aroused. I make her tell me the truth, how bad she is, what a dirty slut she really is, teasing her with her own toys as I do. Then I grab her hair hard and make her open her mouth, making her take my hard cock, forcing her to suck me as I keep teasing. She resists of course so she gets whipped harder until she begs me to stop, then I force my cock deep in her mouth and make her suck it, she gets red from the shame, tied and forced to suck this strangers cock, all the while getting wetter and wetter. I whisper in her ear and tell her that she can't stop me, that I can use her anyway I wish, that I'm going to make her the slut she knows she is deep inside. She fights less and less, soon she is exhausted and giving in to me as I use her toys on her. Her hips starts to move differently now, not in a struggle to get away but in time with the thrusting of the long glass dildo. I know she feels shame as she cums for me the first time, ashamed she is giving in to this bad stranger. Soon my mouth is on her, licking and teasing her more, her moans become softer as feels the pleasure. I make her tell me she is a naughty girl and admit that she wants this. I grab a vibrating plug and lube it up, sliding it into her ass as she cries out. Now the time has come and she knows this stranger will take what he wants, as she feels the tip of my hard cock pressed to enter her she pleads one more time, but knows its useless, this stranger is going to do what he wants and she is helpless to stop him, she has no control over the situation. She feels me thrust deep inside her, as I tell her I'm going to use her as my fuck toy as long as I want. She gets more excited by each thrust, soon she is begging for me to fuck her harder,  she is telling me that she is a dirty slut and she is getting what she deserves for being such a tease. I keep using her until she is exhausted and has had many , many orgasms and then I untie her and the stranger slips out, leaving her laying in the bed, naked and used and exhausted...but not before telling her..I will be back whenever I want...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spank Me

Through our discussions and explorations another thing I discovered was that my wife enjoys a good spanking. She plays at being so bad and she needs me to tell her that she has been a naughty little slut. Then I bend her over and yank down or up whatever is covering her delicious bottom and give her a good spanking. Needless to say this gets her very wet and the wetter she gets the more I have to spank her for being a bad girl and liking it way too much. I have various things I get to use for this belt..and some very nice paddles. One paddle has the word slut inscribed in it so the effect is wonderful as my wife gets the word slut embossed across her red spanked ass. I cuff her hands to the bed so she can not get away..her arms stretched and tied over her head. I love to grab her hair and hold her in position as I swing the paddle against her ass over and over...she whimpers and moans as she gets wetter and sometimes I catch a little bit of that wet pussy with the paddle and it makes her wild. Once I get done with the good long spanking and she promises to be good, then with her wrists still tied above her head to the bed I give her a good long fucking to make sure she knows just how bad she is...She loves it..and so do I !!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Down... but not Out

One of the times where things get tricky for us as a couple is when my wife hits that special time of the month that we jokingly  refer to as "broken" Mother Nature has a way of slowing down our active sex life for a few days and this does not go over well with my Nympho wife. So what to do? The first answer is obvious but messy and not something that turns me on very much. Now when this time comes my wife is wonderful about taking care of my needs and the BJs start flying like love bugs in the spring down south. This always leaves me feeling a little bad, because things are too one sided, after all I enjoy pleasing her as much as she does me, Its a together kinda thing know what I mean right?  So this time we worked out a bit of a compromise and here is how it works.

We start off with her getting one of her favorite toys a clit vibrator and she uses that externally on herself while she sucks me. This seems to get her even hotter than she usually is but I will say she finds special enjoyment in sucking me while she plays with herself or watches some good all girl porn. We keep this going for a while until she has a massive orgasm and I'm very close to one..then she grabs the lube and spreads some between her amazing tits, then pulls me on top of her and wraps them around my hard shaft so I can get a wonderful titty fuck to finish off and blow my hot load all over her face and those beautiful tits.  So even though she is broken we both get a win/win and we both get to cum. She says we will try other things next month, heck I'm almost looking forward to her next Period..Thank goodness for the Toy Drawer..!!

Naughty and Nice Toys

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Great Movie Night

Last night was another great "Movie Night" (see my page on Movie Nights to the right-->) My wife got a new DVD to review "two girls for every girl" a wonderful compilation of lesbian 3 some scenes. She got out a few nice toys and we got naked and watched. I really do love movie night, nothing hotter than watching some lesbian porn while you're wife services herself and you all at the same time..LIFE IS GOOD!! I highly recommend this DVD for anyone who likes some good all girl threesomes.

Naughty and Nice Toys

An Introduction

The best way for me to start is to tell you I'm not a writer nor do I aspire to be one. You won't find any marvels of literature here. What you will find is some simple and perhaps amusing antidotes about my married life, and life in general. Its just plain fun around here, to give you an example, as I write this my wife just walked up to my office door, lifted her shirt and flashed her tits at me! Then proceeded to tell me the garbage is full and she will happily flash me again if I take it out. Now that's excuse me for just a moment while I run that garbage out and get another face full of those fine breasts........brb.....

OK so now the garbage is out and I got to give those puppies a good squeeze to boot..such is life around here and life is good. 

Now I know some men have to be thinking.."whats your secret?" well I guess that will all come out over keep reading and hopefully it will all come clear.

OK...Is this really an Issue

OK I know what most of you are thinking..especially the guys, I can hear it now "Is this really an issue?" Yes Its True...My Wife is a Nymphomanaic!!  So is this such a bad thing, well I guess that is what we are here to explore. It comes (pardon the pun) with its ups and downs..Its ins and outs (maybe another pun) I hope to share some of that here with you as well as some of our adventures in being a married couple. Hang on for this, it could be a wild ride !  Through my Blog and other pages I hope to share some laughs and more with you, just don't tell her what I'm writing or that I even have time to write this. If she knew she would put that time to what she feels is much better use..and a guy like me even needs a break from "that" sometimes.  You have to realize I'm not a 20 something guy with libido coming out my ears. I'm a 40 something guy with a 2 year old daughter and a very...and I do mean very loving wife. I work full time as tech support and take on my share of the household duty.  Now don't get me wrong I'm totally not complaining..I love my wife and she loves me. Her nymphomania does not spread outside of our relationship (at least that I know of, unless you count solo time..) so its up to me to fill her ever present and endless need for sex. Things get pretty wild and sometimes both strange and funny in my house. She is a product tester for adult toys, and yes this is totally legit, she writes reviews for a popular website. This gets interesting as I act as her lab assistant..some funny stories to come in the blog on that one. She also has her own adult website and unless I want  to get tied up and spanked I better mention that here. So the link is Naughty and Nice Toys feel free to check it out!  So please check out the blog as I expand on the fun and exciting life that comes from being married to a nympho !